Who we are

Drive Electric Georgia has a mission to double the amount of EVs on the road.

In October of 2020, Drive Electric USA launched in order to create successful, statewide initiatives to increase the purchase and use of electric vehicles in general consumer and fleet markets. Awarded by the Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office, the program will run from 2020 to December 2023 and is compromised of a team of diverse stakeholders, industry leaders, and Clean Cities coalitions. To achieve our goal, Drive Electric Georgia will work with local officials to overcome structural barriers and advance EV infrastructure and knowledge across all audiences. 

Priority Areas

Statewide Branded EV Programs (1)


  • This project will create strong, statewide branded EV programs, each guided by a committee of EV stakeholders and encompassing locally-based chapters. These programs will attract support and resources, coordinate action across all other priority areas, and increase positive exposure
Statewide Branded EV Programs (2)


  • Directly educate at least 1,000 consumers in the state of Georgia through direct engagement and participation like ride-and-drive events and other tactics. Develop and support local chapters to coordinate these engagement activities and analyze participant surveys
Statewide Branded EV Programs (3)


  • Educate state utility regulators, plus investor-owned, municipal, and cooperative utilities in Georgia. Base education on evolving best practices for utility EV programs and benefits of transportation electrification for all stakeholders, including non-EV owning utility customers. Conduct seminars, forums, ride-and-drives, and other convenings for utilities, regulators, and stakeholders in this sector
Statewide Branded EV Programs (5)


  • Conduct gap analyses and develop or update plans for EV charging infrastructure in each of the 14 Partnership states at statewide, regional, and community levels. Use analyses to educate a wide range of stakeholders and plan deployment of EVSE at all levels and site types in each state
Statewide Branded EV Programs (6)


  • Educate government officials in all 14 Partnership states. At the state level, focus on best practices for incentive programs for vehicles and infrastructure, state building codes, weights and measures issues for public EVSE, among others. At the local level, focus on guidance for charging in public rights of way, signage and parking enforcement, local building codes, and government fleet electrification
Statewide Branded EV Programs (7)


  • Develop “preferred” EV dealer programs in 14 states, then secure forty or more preferred dealers total, with at least two per state. Build web-based platforms to help channel interested EV purchasers to preferred dealers. Partner with “low touch” Internet-based retailers that sell EVs, especially in portions of states still underserved by supportive dealers

Our Team

This initiative is run by Clean Cities-Georgia, a program funded through the US Department of Energy that focuses on advancing the energy, economic, and environmental security of the United States by supporting local actions to reduce petroleum use in transportation. If you are interested in learning about other types of alternative fuels visit our website here